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The perfect flooring for many homeowners: carpet!

Many homeowners are turning to carpet, whether for a first time installation, or for remodels. It has always been one of the most inviting and comfortable flooring options available, but over the past several years, there are more reasons than ever to choose carpet for your own floors.

Some of the classic reasons for choosing carpet include warmth, comfortable underfoot feel and variety in design. And those features are still very much available. However, let us show you a few more things that make carpeting worth looking into.

More diversity in carpet fibers

Carpet fiber could be the most important aspect of choosing the right one for your home. For instance, you wouldn’t want to install a carpet with fibers that don’t stand up well under high traffic, if you’re looking to put it in an area that has only high traffic. On the other hand, there’s no point in putting high traffic flooring in an area that sees very little traffic.

In addition to fibers specifically rated for traffic, there are many more options available. You can now choose fibers such as Olefin that are specifically designed to withstand moisture and spills, as well as resisting stains very well.
More than half of carpeting sold today is made of nylon. It features great durability, is resilient, hides soil well and can be easily cleaned. Polyester fibers represent some of the most beautiful carpets available and are incredibly fade resistant, as well as stain resistant.

The fact is, no fiber is “perfect”. There will definitely be one to suit your needs better than others will. So, be prepared to discuss your needs with one of the carpet professionals at Carpets of Cape Cod.

Carpet perks you can choose

Along with specific types of fiber, there are other options to choose from as well when you pick your carpet. For instance, if you know your floors are likely to take on more stains than most, you can order carpet that has stain protection built right into the fibers. This is a great choice for those who have pets or children, but still prefer carpeting to other flooring materials.

You can also order carpets that are hypoallergenic, directly from the manufacturer. For allergy sufferers, this is a wonderful option. The carpet traps allergens that are often the cause of symptoms that make carpeting a last resort.