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Let’s consider your rug cleaning options

Everyone knows that rug cleaning isn’t just something to consider, but rather a necessary component for floors that look and perform exactly as they should for the duration of their lifespan. Regular rug maintenance, both daily and professional, help keep your floors looking great and smelling fresh. But most importantly, they assure that your flooring doesn’t prematurely wear out.

Understanding what is needed for ongoing rug care can make an enormous difference in the life of your flooring. If you’re unsure of what that necessary maintenance is, we’d love to tell you more. Just read along to find out how and when to clean your flooring.

Choosing a rug cleaning service

A cleaning service is vital to the overall health of your floor covering. For instance, if left uncleaned for more than the specified time frame of twelve to eighteen months, floors can become dingy, and the bacteria crushed down into your rugs will create foul odors that don’t seem to have a remedy. It can even hasten the breakdown of your floors, with balding, bunching, and a generally unkempt appearance.
A great cleaning service offers answers to all your most pressing needs. Spot cleaning is essential, especially if the stain is tricky to remove, and the proper chemicals can assure the safety of your entire family. What’s more, if your flooring doesn’t come with built-in stain protection, we can even apply this feature so that your floors will be easier to clean the next time we show up.

When you keep up with daily cleanings, such as vacuuming and any necessary spot treatments, our professional cleaning should be quick and easy. If your home is busier than average, or if you’ve had accidents or unexpected staining, feel free to call us in between regularly scheduled maintenance dates. Staying on top of stains and odors is easy, especially when you have a friend in the business, so visit us today for more information.

Rug maintenance assistance any time

When you visit Carpets of Cape Cod at our showrooms in Hyannis and Orleans, MA, you’re choosing a company that knows exactly what types of rug cleaning service to offer. We get to know you and your needs, as well as your rug details, so we can get right to work when you call. At the same time, we can also offer excellent tips on daily maintenance that can keep your floors looking great between professional services. If you need rug care right away, don’t hesitate to visit us.