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Do you know all that tile flooring offers?

If you’ve never considered tile flooring for your home, you may not know about all the fantastic benefits just waiting for you to take advantage of. The distinct advantages include excellent water resistance, amazing design opportunities, and a great lifespan. But there’s so much more to these materials.

They’re perfect for a variety of spaces, as their benefits can overlap, making them just as perfect in the bathroom as they are in the bedroom. They’re easy to clean and maintain and offer an average of fifty years before replacement is necessary. Once you learn more about these materials, you’re not likely to look any further.

Tile flooring gets you through every space

As an extremely water-resistant flooring line, everyone knows that these materials make an excellent addition to your bathrooms, laundry rooms, kitchens, and foyers. Even if you have no experience with this product line, you’ve likely heard quite a bit about this feature. The good news is, this very feature can make the materials a perfect fit for hallways and living rooms as well, especially if you have children and pets.

If you’re looking for a designer option for your home, tile is an excellent choice for this reason as well. Choose from porcelain or ceramic, and you’ll have a stunning range of appearance options. Choose simple and rustic, or exciting and contemporary. Choose a wide, broad format, or something small and compact. You can even design and create beautiful, unique mosaics that speak directly to your personality.
Durability never has to be sacrificed when you’re in this product line. With an average lifespan of fifty years, you might find you never again have to replace your flooring. It withstands substantial levels of traffic, and the wear associated with it, including scuffs, scratches, stains, and fading.

This flooring line provides a wealth of other benefits too. Consider the hypoallergenic quality like resistance to mold, mildew, and bacteria. There are also no nooks or crevices where allergens such as dust, dander, and pollen can hide.

Choosing a tile retailer, you can trust

The most crucial component of your search for the perfect flooring is a waterproof flooring retailer like Carpets of Cape Cod. From our showrooms in Hyannis and Orleans, MA, we’ll make sure you find the materials that best meet your requirements, including appearance, durability, and longevity. If you’re in the Hyannis and Orleans, MA areas, we urge you to visit us at your convenience and allow us the opportunity to provide for all your tile needs.